Millions have taken that decisive step. And then what?     

For some, America is a dream realized. For others, a bitter disappointment.
For some, a land of opportunity, for others an obstacle course.  
For most, there is a decisive event, encounter, moment of realization that made the difference. 


Whether you're from Germany, England, Italy or the Czech Republic, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, or Cuba, whether you immigrated to America as a child,  a young adult, or with your own children, or whether you were born to new immigrant parents. Whether it was your own decision or your parents', whether you immigrated in the 20's, 50s' the 80s' or just yesterday,  you must have one special story to tell.


We are looking for authentic anecdotes (1500-4000 words) from your own experience as an immigrant who chose to live in America. We are looking for short stories that can illuminate the big picture; dramatic accounts that transform the word 'immigrant' to something moving and personal; tales that express the very essence of being an immigrant in America.

We DO NOT want life stories or chronicles of the process of immigration.   
What we want are great, beyond the obvious, fact based stories which vividly convey what it's like to be an immigrant in America.

Maybe it was an encounter with a special person, a decisive moment that determined the course of your life in America, a coincidence, an unexpected opportunity, a rebuff, a misunderstanding, or maybe something else.         
Maybe you have a special story about the moment you felt you became an American -or realized you never would be.  It can be a depiction of the incident that led you to understand America, stories about friendships, language difficulties and misunderstandings or any other good story you might have.

Whether happy or sad, good or bad, hopeful or despairing, we want true stories that can touch, inspire and strike a responsive chord in the hearts of the American people, native-born and immigrants.

The goal of our project is to turn some of these stories into short films for public screening.

So if you think you have a special story to tell (remember, in 1500 to 4000 words!), share it with us now. Send your story to: 



You have a good Story - And we want to hear it!



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