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Thank you for your interest in
The Choosing America Project.

The final goal of The Choosing America Project is to create a series of short films directed by a variety of directors who will choose from the pool of stories we are now collecting. What we are looking for are true short stories that express the very essence of being an immigrant in America.

On another level of the project we are planning to create a documentary on the 'making of ' The Choosing America Project. This will include interviews with the writers, getting to know them and hearing about their experiences.

We don't have any political/social perspective. We have placed no value judgment on the stories we hope to elicit and subsequently film. We are open to hearing
everything, good bad, angry, satisfied. We want the stories to be true, diverse and colorful to reflect reality and of course – to be interesting.

As for copyright and intellectual property issues: by sending us their stories, the writers do not waive intellectual rights or copyrights. If and when the project moves to the next stage, professional individual contracts to formalize these issues will be created and signed with every writer who will take part in the project. 

The bios of the developers of this project do not  appear on this site  simply because we don't want the project to be affiliated with any particular background or country. All we are prepared to say at this point is that we ourselves are immigrants to the US.

The future of The Choosing America Project looks more and more promising with each passing day.
We are receiving great feedback and response, some interesting proposals, and many good stories. The success and future of the project depends on the material that you send, so please don't hesitate to participate if you feel you have a good story to contribute. 

If you have additional questions please contact us.


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